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Banning Bouldin, Founder and Artistic Director of New Dialect, Nashville

Laurel Desmarias is a knowledgeable instructor, whose endless curiosity and open mindedness make her an absolute pleasure to learn from and grow with. She has been a member of New Dialect's community class faculty since 2015, and we love having her on our team. I often hear positive feedback from dancers in the Nashville dance community about how much they love Laurel's approach to contemporary dance and the warm and playful way she shares what she knows.


Shati Paul, Nashville

I have taken pilates for many years. My injury of a bulging disc in my lower spine has been extremely difficult to overcome, inhibiting my daily activities and living in constant, excruciating pain for almost 6 years. Pilates always made me feel more aware of my body positioning. With Laurel's help, I am learning how to be pain free on a daily basis.  In just 5 short months, I am able to get through my days with renewed energy and NO pain, thanks to Laurel's knowledgeable and skilled guidance.


Allison Paige, Owner Aero Joe Pilates

Laurel's mindful Breath workshop gives teachers the tools to cue efficient movement more effortlessly by tapping into the body's most instinctive way of energizing and healing itself. You will leave feeling inspired

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